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Northeast BC Investment Opportunity

As a Realtor, working in the area and having ‘inside’ knowledge of the Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley Real Estate markets, it would be a fairly easy assumption that I would choose to invest locally in a market I know well. For the most part you can’t find a lot of properties that ‘Cash Flow’. As the media has well reported, prices in our area are high compared to the rest of Canada. Saying that, there are still a lot of Cash Flow properties to invest in, you just may need to look at little harder and do a little more homework... and have a Realtor that is able to help you find it. I've had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with some great people that are creating great opportunities for real estate investors.
If you have the appetite to find something with potentially more upside, there is a opportunity in our own backyard. Northeast BC is on the verge of perhaps the biggest economic boom in BC’s history. The number’s and stats justifying what could occur fairly shor…