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Riverwood Community Garage Sale 2016

About Aman Brah’s Community Garage Sale 2016!
Every Summer, Riverwood residents in Port Coquitlam prep their garages and gather their used items to host a garage sale or yard sale and make some extra cash! Now, most homeowners who have ever hosted a Garage Sale will tell you the hardest part is getting exposure. You may have some great items for sale but if your home doesn’t get enough traffic it won’t sell (sounds a bit like the real estate industry!) Well that’s where the Aman Brah Community Garage Sale comes in! The community of Riverwood in Port Coquitlam’s garage sale is coming up on September 17, 2016, hosted by homeowners/residents, giving them a chance to declutter, make some cash and find a new home for reusable items.
Homes that want to participate RSVP to me and I create maps with the locations of homes and their full address. I take care of all the advertising for the event - which includes placing ads in newspapers, online marketing, on Social Media and on my website. Then,…